Mornings 6 to 10
Tim Howard
Tim HowardHi, my name is Tim Howard. My official title at Lake Country 95.9 KCKL is Program/News Director. I love starting my mornings with the listeners of East Texas. Join me weekdays from 6 AM to 10 AM. I have been at KCKL for a total of 10 years. I was bitten by the radio bug at KCKL last century, 88-92, and spent 4 years here cutting my teeth on radio, before wisely returning home in 2005.


You'll find a wide variety of music in my IPOD. (anything from Third Day to Rascall Flatts to Martina McBride) Providing I can actually find my IPOD!

Tex Mex is my favorite food.  (But Healthy Yummy Vegetables come in a very close second!)

My favorite sports team is the underdog in March Madness.  (My favorite time of the year!)

I wanted to be involved in radio since I was 14 years old when I went to a grand opening of a furniture store in Waco. I went through school sharing with family and close friends that one day I would make a career in radio...It's true if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. We serve hard around the Lake Country Radio area, to entertain, inform, and uplift the hearts of the KCKL family.

I am a huge Denzel Washington fan!  (I think he will end up being cast to play me in the blockbuster movie in the story of my life-that's surely in the works right?)

Mighty Mouse is my favorite cartoon character, I mean C'mon "Here I Come to Save the Day!!!" Is there anything better than that? OK Speed Racer, maybe.

One thing you may not know about me...I was actually all state on my 4th grade Tether Ball team, I unfortunately tore an ACL jumping out of a swing so I was unable to go pro, but hey It all worked out.  Please join me Mornings on KCKL...

Workday 11 AM to 2 PM 
Penny Mitchell

Penny Mitchell

I grew up being utterly and completely enamored of radio BUT decided to go into nursing upon graduating from high school. The thought of going into radio never even remotely crossed my mind: I grew up never hearing a woman on the air, ever, in any capacity. In nursing school at Colorado State University/Pueblo I heard the new morning person at KILO FM and it was...a woman. And lo, the world suddenly had one less nurse and one more radio person. My parents never quite got over that. My first ever radio job was at a country station in Pueblo as the worst overnight jock in the universe. I have gratefully spent the majority of my almost-30 years in radio working with country music, which possesses the nicest artists and BEST listeners!

Afternoons 2 to 6
Michael Gibson
Michael GibsonHello friends...I'm Michael Gibson. You can also consider me a Jack Of All Trades at 95.9 KCKL...I take over your radio every afternoon from 2 to 6, handle commercial production and keep the website up to date. I've spent almost 13 years in radio at many stations in East Texas and proud to be at KCKL.
I was born September 14, 1977

What's on my iPod? Well...I actually have never owned an iPod. I've always just kept my music on my phone. But I've got everything from Pearl Jam to Metallica to George Strait to Luke Bryan to Sir Mix A Lot to Tupac to Stoney LaRue to Kevin Fowler on my playlists...I'm just a fan of music. Favorite all time song - Black by Pearl Jam, Favorite country song - Run by George Strait

Favorite Food? Just about anything...But pizza, burgers or a good medium steak always hits the spot

Favorite sports team? Dallas Cowboys...will never give up on my 'Boys...Dallas Mavericks...Been following them since the super losing seasons in the early 90's...Texas Rangers...Nolan Ryan was the best thing that happened to them, player and owner

How did I get into radio? It's been my dream for as long as I can remember. I started in 2000 at a group of stations in Tyler. I've had the pleasure of working with some of the best radio folks in the business and meeting so many country artists including Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Gary Allan, Josh Turner and so many others. See pics of those encounters CLICK HERE. Radio waves run through my blood.

Hobbies and other interests? Transformers...I collect the toys new and old, own all 4 seasons of the original cartoon, 1989 movie, all 3 of the new movies, my car has Transformers emblems inside and out...ok...an obsession

Favorite movie, actor, author, book? Movies: Transformers, Batman (old and new), Ace Ventura:Pet Detective 1&2 and a little known movie called Lost Highway by one of my favorite directors David Lynch. Actor: Charlize Theron and Morgan Freeman. Author: Anything by Stephen King 

Something you may not know about me? I have been a part of a crew and flown in a hot air balloon many times with the Great Texas Balloon Race in Longview. If you ever get the chance...Do It!!

Evenings 6 to 11
Jeff Young
Jeff Young

I became an instant country music fan at the age of 16, when a friend played me a Waylon Jennings album. "Prior to that, I assumed that country was about people who lived a lifestyle completely foreign to me -- that we had nothing in common. Was I ever wrong! Country is about real people with real feelings and experiences similar to what mine were growing up. Now that I'm an adult with my own family, it's truer than ever". When I began working in country music radio and had the opportunity to meet and speak with country stars first hand, I was even more pleasantly surprised by how relatable and friendly they are when not on stage performing. "Plus, I can actually understand the words when they sing. Rock and pop fans can't always say the same. Which may be just as well!"


11125 Hwy 31 E
Malakoff, Tx 75148